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Why Logging It?

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Logging It is a very useful online diary or log book developed by synchronized multi-integration media, which is a division of Buck Masters Institute for those who keep scribbling notes in papers and sticking them on the walls, tables or work desks. Besides being user friendly and easy to use, the website is completely free from advertisements.

Ads can be very distracting especially when you are trying to enter, review, edit or back track your log entries. Keeping this in mind, Logging It has ensured there are no advertisements which may annoy or distract users using this site to keep themselves more organized. This is one of the most attractive features of Logging It which also offers other user friendly conveniences such as keeping as many folders as you want to, facility to access and make log entries from anywhere in the world through the Internet, secure and password protected, easy keyword search option and much more.

This zero ads online log book is exclusively meant for serious users. Sports clubs use Logging It to keep a daily record of the practice time and schedule, scores and results of tournaments. Job seekers use it to keep an entry of the applications sent, phone calls made and received and interviews. Corporate houses use it to record meeting minutes for small or casual meetings. Music students learning musical instruments use it to keep a track on the progress of study and performance. It is also used to keep a record of individual project steps, down to the basic tasks.

This commercial advertisement free online log book is used to keep entries of important personal, social events, appointments, add new entries and access them very fast from anywhere any time. The trial version of the website can be utilized free of cost to register, the requirements are a user name, a password and a valid email id where the link is sent to complete the registration process.

The website is secure and private, https and password protected; therefore the entries can be viewed only by the person knowing their user name and password of the account. So users can keep as many separate logs as per requirements, and easily view them after logging from anywhere. They can stop worrying about bogus advertisements found in many free online log books which intrude and hamper their work.

With no advertisements on the site, users cannot ask for more. Log entries are important to keep track of your progress and also calculate your costs. This requires absolute concentration. To eliminate any distraction from advertisements and pop ups, Logging It provides users a completely ad-free site where it is possible to work in peace.