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Why Logging It?

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Security and Privacy

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It doesn't matter whether you work in an office or are a businessman, you do need to keep a tab on how things are taking place and happen and that's why keeping proper records is vital in today's world.

Different individuals have different needs when it comes to keeping records of things. Once you have decided that you need to maintain these records, the question arises: Where and how should you maintain these records? Isn't your PC the natural choice? In this interconnected world, when you don't know where you'll be the next day, isn't Internet the obvious choice for keeping these logs? The next question pops up.

What about your privacy? Websites face the dangers of hacking, don't they? Therefore, the security of your private data is extremely important and hence you need to be doubly sure it's going to be completely safe.

Logging It is one such website that fulfills all your logging needs on the Internet. It's a website designed specially for logging records online, safe and secure. When you visit the site Logging It, you will get to see the URL is https://secure.loggingit.com/, where “https” means it uses the latest encryption system so that your private data remains private, away from the prying eye of the net predators. Any of the eavesdropper without proper authorization, will only see jumbled figures on the net which they can't understand.

You need a user name and password to get access to your account. The user name and password system has been so designed, anyone trying to enter your account by automated guessing will fail.

Just make sure that you don't share your personal data (especially password) with others, and we will make it sure your data security is not compromised in any manner. We ensure that Logging It remains a spam and pop-up free zone, so there are no external distractions when you are working on your important records or entering the details of your last meeting.

While Internet has simplified lots of things, it has also given rise to crimes that take advantage of others' personal information by stealing them. That's where our commitment to the security of your private data assumes utmost importance, and that's why have taken the step of securing your data with password and https.