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Why Logging It?

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Quick, easy, always on logging

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All of us have suffered some intermittent fights with our memory. There are times when we need to remember when did we last send the car for servicing. Can't remember when you last met your client? We can help. Just make a start, keep your logs with Logging It to keep a record of what and where for your life.

Logging It provides you with a quick and easy facility to maintain online records of your events and tasks. You can even keep track of time spent on a project or costs associated with it.

Logging It is an always on service, all you have to do is make an entry and press enter. You can also add comments and keep separate data files for different projects or tasks. The files can be accessed from anywhere in the world, and you can keep adding events whenever and from wherever you want.

Logging It is a website specially built to meet your logging needs so that you may safely keep records online. No, we don't expect you to be a technical whiz, or a software Guru. Just visit the site, log in, and register yourself. The requirements are simple, all you need is a valid email ID. Confirm your registration, and you can start keeping your logs right away.

Give a heading to your entry, and start typing. You can also choose the way you want to view the logs: in a list format, as a table, or cards or story. This ensures you feel comfortable on the site. The logs can be accessed anytime from anywhere on the Internet. No more endless worries that system crash may destroy your data or that you may forget where you left your pen drive. Make a start.