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Why Logging It?

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Access your logbooks from anywhere

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The logs and the entries within can be edited from anywhere. People who have office in one city and need to go out for work related matters, find these services very convenient. The musicians, for example, have to tour often due to their concerts whereas they can't take their offices with them wherever they go.

You can even go back to your past logs whereas old and new entries can be accessed from anywhere. So it doesn't matter even if you are out of station, you don't need to carry the diary or PC with you anymore.

The website also offers a free trial version. The sign-in process is very simple requiring a user name and a valid email address. A validation code is sent to the email address provided by you to complete the registration. The log entries are completely secure and can be viewed only by you (or those who are aware of the user name and password), as the website is protected by https and password. The website also provides you with a search tool so that the past entries can easily be searched through the keywords.