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Why Logging It?

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Have a lot of equipment?

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An equipment repair company appoints technicians to attend complaints and repair or service equipments. And the company needs to know exactly how these technicians have performed in their jobs. A weekly report may need to be submitted to the management. All these can be accomplished simply by creating an account with Loggingit.com. This website provides online facility to store equipment maintenance and repair logs.

Avoid stress

Being organized and precise in your job can reduce stress and confusion to a great extent. A log is something that can help you be more organized in your job, whatever it may be. The Internet is a potent and powerful medium as you know, and keeping logs online can help you access your entries from anywhere you are at any time. This way, you can ensure, you do not miss out on any entries and are always up to date with the logs.

Keep track with your logs!

If you are a technician who repairs and maintains equipment, it is possible for you to enhance your work efficiency by keeping logs. A maintenance log can help keep record of oil change date, required tensioning, adjustment performed previously and date of lubricating chains and bearings. Equipment repair and maintenance companies can keep a log of the name of the technician who did the previous maintenance.

Hence technicians can create a log in the name of the call number or complaint number by which the particular visit is identified and enter details like inspection, reason why equipment is not working, if any parts replaced, warranty period of the equipment, whether the complaint could be closed successfully, customer feedback in case of repair job and service contract signed, service contract start date, service contract end date, if any parts replaced, how many servicing jobs done before, whether chargeable, customer feedback in case of maintenance job.

The Logging It Advantage

The technicians can create separate logs for themselves and these logs can be accessed from anywhere by providing the correct login id and password. All entries relating to a particular log will be saved date wise in the particular log. The company can be rest assured that all the data stored is secure and can be easily searched for with specific keywords.

Service logs help keep a record of the last time the equipment was serviced, when the next service is due, whether any part of the equipment was replaced, etc. By maintaining the log online, it is possible to access the log anytime you want to and make appropriate entries. Any maintenance and repair company or individual is sure to keep maintenance logs as this simplifies the way of working to a great extent. It is easier keeping track of customers, next maintenance due date and even the state and condition of the equipment.

Which services did you provide?

Create weekly or monthly report easily and they can always fall back on these records for reference if they fall short of solutions while performing a repair or maintenance job. Logginit.com is a great tool that enables a company to have a fair idea about the services provided to its customers and on the basis of these records they can judge about the performances of it employees.