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Why Logging It?

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Looking for a job?

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You might be looking for a new job as you have had enough of your previous boss. You are painstakingly going through the process of looking for a job and it will be helpful to keep a track of the job search process.

Organize your job search!

To be systematic in what you do is half your job done. Keeping a log is an excellent means of working methodically and ensuring that you do not leave out anything. Logs were usually kept by mariners in order to keep a record of distance travelled, crew, weather, docking, direction, etc. Today anyone who is organized and well planned keeps a log not only to carry out a job without forgetting certain things but also for back tracking in case of a failure to analyze and identify the problem areas.

Keep track of your activities!

Finding a job is a lot of work. You would send job applications to different companies. With Logging It you can create log books in the name of these companies.

You can use the edit feature to make any changes. You can save new information to the existing log of the company when you make a follow up phone call to the company as regards if they have received your application.

You might receive a phone call and this too can be put into the company log. When you are called for an interview then again you can enter the date on which you have to go for the interview. Then you can add your comments and feedback after the interview into the log. Thus you would have a chronological record for each particular company.

The Logging It Advantage

If you are searching for a job, there are a number of things you must keep track of. If you are applying all over the world, job search can really be tedious. It is possible to organize and track your applications, resume submission, company contact name, address, phone numbers, interview dates, websites where you have applied, passwords and much more with the help of logging.

It will build confidence and can be quite inspiring for you. This online log service is easy and all your data is safe and private. And you will not find unwanted ads popping up while you are creating your logs. You can also easily find particular entries through their quick search facility. Open an account with logginit.com today.

You can also keep logs of minute details such as the date you sent your resume to various companies, how you submitted your resume, for example, by email, mail or fax, references you have given for each company, description of job, application status and mailing address.

Get started with Logging It

Hence you can start using the log functionality provided by Logging It where all you need is to complete the registration process, create an account, log in with the username and password provided and start using all the functionalities of this website.

Nothing could be better than keeping logs over the Internet. Today, the world revolves around the Internet. You can access your log wherever you are online. Keeping logs on the net is also safe as you can protect your log with a secure password. As you can access your log anytime from anywhere, there are no chances of forgetting any important entries.

This will help you track and evaluate the entire job application process. It will enhance your personal accountability and sincerity during your job search.