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Why Logging It?

Keep your Logbooks online!


Track what you're doing, how you're doing and what's happening to you.

For example, keep track of your job searches, housing searches, equipment maintenance and tax / legal / financial developments.

Or, track your progress in learning a new skill, achieving health outcomes (medical, weightloss), completing chores and tasks.

Logbooks are useful

Ships' captains have always kept logs to record their position and distance traveled, the weather, any problems on board, details of cargo and the sailors under their command.

By keeping logs you have records that tell you the details of what happened, when and how. You can also track your progress: how did you do a month ago, how did you do last week?

Logging It: Online, digital logbooks

With Logging It you can keep your logbooks online. You set up as many as you like, for any purpose you need. You can log as much as you need to.

By keeping your logs in digital format, it is much easier to search. All you have to do is: type in your keyword and the matching log entries are retrieved.

Give it a try!

You can try Logging It for free. There is no commitment, and your logs are completely private and secure.